Love in Vain

“Love in Vain” makes us intimate with a fascinating world we’ve never known before, the wild backwoods juke joints of the 1930’s Mississippi Delta, those near-hallucinatory hotbeds of raw blues shouters and real dirty dancing. Rock-and-Roll was born here, and it is here that we meet Robert Johnson. A handsome youth driven by ambition and inner demons, he flees his oppressive past to seal his fate in a pact with an itinerant Voodoo Devilman, selling his soul at a moonlit crossroads to realize his astonishing musical gifts. In capturing the drama of Robert Johnson’s hell-bent odyssey, “Love in Vain” is a riveting ride of ecstatic highs and shattering lows, of artistic triumph and personal tragedy, of erotic rapture and violent death. All of which is set to a panoramic soundtrack of masterful pop music created with a fiery passion once found in those outrageous jukes but never found on even the most cherished period recordings.


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